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I speak from a tragedy.

For starters:I am a girl of nineteen and I see myself as being like every other kid my age. Friends. Music. Partying. Life-but there is so much more to me than just that. I am a mass of walking complexes. I am trivial in a way, the little things mean so much more to me. I admire a good intellect, I am a true nerd at heart. I have made many mistakes in the past, and they're many more to come but I hope that in time and through new experieces I will prosper. I don't know what the future holds for me, but I am ready to face life and truly live it to the fullest-So few actually live up to their full potential and I intend to be one of them. It's taken me a long time to realize this, and now that I have I won't lose this momentum. The hardships that I have faced were terrible, but I am so thankful for all of the bullshit I've endured because it has made me a stronger person than I ever thought possible. I wouldn't be the person I am without music. The people that I surround myself with are irreplaceable and I don't know what I would do without them. I know that most people don't take the time to read these kinds of things, but for those of you who do I thankyou. I want to meet people of great interest, so please feel free to talk to me. I might surprise you.

Relationships: This is probably the one thing that I want more then anything else. A real relationship. In my personal opinion (according to some of my past experiences), most boys that I have come across have been nothing short of a disappointment. To put it bluntly, 'I am so damn tired of guys talking to me with their dicks.' I am better then that, and I hate the fact that I have wasted so much time over boys like that. I always seem to fall for the same kind of guy. Sceney, generally a musician of some sort, a real kid that knows how to party, and an asshole. (Hah, guess I'll never learn.) See, the physical part is easy, what really takes effort is building an emotional connection with another person. That is what I stride for. I know I am young, but I am fortunate to say that I have gotten to experienced what real love and heartbreak is. It's something that you just can't put into words no matter how hard you try.
I am waiting for the right boy to come my way, and to whoever it may be I promise you that I will give you the world♥.

Heroes: They know who they are. To me a hero doesn't require their picture, and then a long paragraph telling everyone else why I think they are special, I have done that many times over and have come to find that unpleasing. I consider this aspect to be forever open and neverending.

I am beginning to turn into quite the cynical type. I have been pushed to a point of despising almost everyone, noticing things that have been brought into light for quite sometime but I can’t ignore anymore, and so on.

//To be Continued. 

Alright, my thoughts on blocking someone is so childish (minus three exceptions of terrible people). Yesterday, I woke up to six messages from this one guy that has been crowding my cock for awhile now. It goes as follows:
"Come swimming, duh.
Nooooo like duh lol(I hate that I actually typed that out, ohwell.)
Okay, delete I will.
Deleting you….
Bye.”-Facebook User.
Okay, really? I mean, did I see that correctly? Who the fuck goes as far as blocking someone for not responding to an IM at three in the morning? A fuckass, that’s who.
So after seeing that, I decided to text him asking why and when he finally responded he said he was drunk and just took out his aggression on me.
No. I am not going to put up with that kind of thing anymore, sorry, Skip.
He then said that he disliked me for never hanging out with him even though neither of us have cars and that I wouldn’t fuck him.
It’s instances like this that really make me hate people even more than I already do.
Sorry, mangg. I am taken. Go spit your weak ass game at another bitch, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding another.
It never ceases to amaze me that when someone is spoken for that’s when they get the most attention.
Although, I can’t deny that I don’t like a challenge. The chase can be so exciting if you find the right guy. ;3

I am going to start this off a little differently.
Personal things i hope to accomplish soon:
-Go to Summer Slaughter on the 25th.
-Manage the money that I get better.
-Spend time with Keelan. (A definite must.)
-Help my mom with all of this INS business. I am beyond fed up with not doing anything.
-Getting randy to Evolve. Yeah, I said it. Don’t judge me. :3

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the real business.
Warped Tour 2012: Started off really horribly to be quite honest. I got up at 8:30 and was ready and waiting to go out the door at a quarter to eleven. What happens? Justin’s car ends up dying on us and my mom ended up having to take me from work. But the second I get there, I run into Lyssa and am told that Anti Flag was about to play. So we rush over to the pavilion and Keekee appears. <3
Anti Flag fucking killed it. It was my first time seeing them after loving them since middle school. It was an amazing start to the day. After their set, we ran into Larry. Heard two songs from Motionless in White including their new song which kicked all kinds of ass. Than Mikey and I jammed the fuck out to Senses Fail. This was my eighth time seeing them and they never cease to disappoint.
By this point in time, we were all sweating balls and feeling like poop so we took a much needed smokebreak. We had just sat down and this bitch walks over to us and says “Really? We were just smoking cigarettes and you pull out a pipe?” ::walks away:: and then this cute couple smoked us out for the next half hour. By the time we left, our circle had gone from just Mikey, myself, and Keekee to 7 new friends all with bud and alchy. ;D
New Found Glory was next. I haven’t seen them since I was 14/15 so nostalgia overtook me. After that, we saw Born of Osiris which was INSANE. We were at the very front and center. It felt like Ronnie was singing to me the entire time. c’:
Met them and then jammed the fack out to Chelsea Grin right after.
Memphis May Fire was last and they fucking killed it. They had five pits going and played most of my favorites.

All and all it was an amazing day. I just hated having to say bye to Keelan and then getting bitched at by my mom in front of Mikey. That was so lame. ;3



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Brothers to the Grave.

Brothers to the Grave.

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I don’t really know what to think at this point. After everything that has happened over the course of the last few days just ugh..
I hate not ever feeling good enough and fuck that Casey bitch that continues to get in the way of things. I have never met you, but I swear to God if you continue to get in the way of Keelan and I, we are going to have problems. Unlike your psycho bitch ass self, I actually want to make him happy and I would never tell him who he can and can’t talk to. Fuck you for trying to make me disappear from his eyes. You tried to once before and we’re closer then ever. He can’t stand you. So quit crowding my boy’s cock because I don’t share. Kthxbaiii.

Keekee looks so sad but so cute in this:). I love the hell out of this boy.

Keekee looks so sad but so cute in this:). I love the hell out of this boy.

The Killer of killers.

The Killer of killers.

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"It&#8217;s more like surfing than skating. I wish the rain would stop atleast once-"It can&#8217;t rain all the time&lt;3.

"It’s more like surfing than skating. I wish the rain would stop atleast once-"
It can’t rain all the time<3.

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(Made June 17th, 2012.)

I made this last night and I don’t even know why I am posting it here, but the feedback I got afterwards was so funny. Things like “OMG, I am so glad to know that you’re real, I was scared to talk to you because most of the pretty people on here are fake.”
What nOObz. ;3

Crushing so hard, it’s ridiculous&hearts;.
I feel like my days of being single may be coming to a close very soon. The more I get to know Keekee, the better I feel. He is so perfect, ohmygshhh. He loves punk, total metal head, an amazingly talented musician, we like all of the same animes and games, he’s so smart and dedicated, and he is a total hotass:).
We were talking earlier before he went to sleep and he said the next time he sees me he was getting me flowers. AWEHH.
But I was like: “What? No, that is so not necessary. Spending time with you is gift enough<3.”
He came back with: “I don’t care. No flowers, huh? How about an eighth?” c’:
Gah, that would be so adorable:).
I am really looking forward to the next few weeks. We’re going to Warped and Summer Slaughter together in July and then The All Stars in August, Along with A Fest in September. I can’t wait.

It’s still a bit early to tell, but I haven’t crushed this hard in a long time and I think he and I could have something amazing. I know perfection is unreachable, but he is the closest thing to it in my eyes. Teehee:). <3

Gotta pay respects for a band that I have loved since 2004.The Birthday Massacre will always be one of the best bands ever. Nuff saidd.

Gotta pay respects for a band that I have loved since 2004.
The Birthday Massacre will always be one of the best bands ever. Nuff saidd.

He makes me giggle like a little girlscout sellin&#8217; brownies. I&lt;3yewKeeKee:).

He makes me giggle like a little girlscout sellin’ brownies. I<3yewKeeKee:).